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New makeup Brush Cleaner Machine, With Makeup Brush Cleaner Mat, Electric Brushly Pro Cosmetic Spinning Brush Cleaner, Fit for All Size Makeup Brush Accessories (White)

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☑️【Makeup Brush Cleaning Machine】Our automatic rotating makeup brush cleaner is made of high-quality ABS material, which is environmentally friendly, durable, and safe to use. It is the perfect tool for makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts.

☑️【Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner】The makeup brush cleaning all-in-one machine is suitable for various brushes. The machine has a 360 ° rotatable design, making it convenient for you to clean all sides of the brush without any dead corners. It can also be used as a drying rack for brushes.

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☑️【 High-Speed Rotation】Makeup brush cleaning machine is equipped with a high-speed motor with a speed of up to 7000 RPM, which can effectively remove dirt, grease, and makeup residue from the brush in a short period.

☑️【Easy to Use】The automatic cleaning and makeup brush is powered by USB, and the operation process is simple. Just put the brush into the machine, add some water and cleaning agent, and then turn on the power. This machine will automatically clean your brush, and after cleaning, it can be inverted and air-dried.

☑️【Large Capacity】The makeup brush cleaning machine has a large capacity and can accommodate up to 21 brushes at a time. Cleaning all brushes at once is very convenient.

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