Prigogine dead in Russia, possibly shot down or jet crashed

Prigogine dead in Russia

    Prigogine dead in Russia jet crashed or possibly shot down

    Prigogine dead in Russia the Russian government has revealed that one of the passengers on board a private jet that crashed in the northwestern part of Russia was named Evgeny Prigozhin, the same name as the representative of the private military company Wagner, and Mr. Prigozhin died. reportedly likely.
    Independent Russian media say the plane may have been shot down by a missile.

    Prigogine dead in Russia

    Telegram channel “Mr Prigogine dead in Russia “

    Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations announced on the 23rd that a private jet flying from the capital Moscow to St. Petersburg crashed in the northwestern Tver province.

    Russia’s Air Transport Authority said there were seven passengers and three crew members on board, and released the names of 10 of them, including the name “Evgeny Prigozhin”, the same as the representative of the private military company Wagner. and the same name as Wagner’s executive “Dmitry Utkin”.

    A Telegram channel, which seems to be close to Mr. Prigogine, reported that “Mr. Prigogine dead in Russia early in the morning of the 24th

    Independent Russian media said the plane was shot down by an anti-aircraft missile, citing footage that it said was filmed at the scene and eyewitnesses who said there were “two explosions.” In addition to pointing out, it also reports the possibility that it exploded from the inside while flying over the sky.

    The Federal Investigative Committee, which handles serious incidents in Russia, has indicated a policy to investigate the cause of the crash, saying that all 10 people on board may have died.

    Prigogine dead in Russia

    Armed rebellion led by Wagner’s troops in June

    During the military invasion of Ukraine, Mr. Prigogine sent Wagner fighters to the front line of Bakhmut, a fierce battlefield in the eastern part of the country, and emphasized his presence by emphasizing the results of the battle. On the same day, he led Wagner’s troops in an armed rebellion.

    After that, he moved to Belarus, a neighboring country that has an alliance with Russia, but on the 21st of this month, he posted a video message on SNS that he said was filmed in Africa.

    Ukrainian presidential adviser Podlyak wrote on social media about the jet crash, saying, “President Putin will never forgive those who undermined him this June. It would be a signal that ‘if you don’t show your loyalty, you deserve to die’,” he said, skeptical of the connection with the armed rebellion caused by Mr. Prigogine.

    US think tank views as assassination “President Putin almost certainly instructed”

    The US think tank “War Research Institute” points out that since Wagner launched an armed rebellion in June this year, the Russian presidential office and the Ministry of Defense have been working to weaken Mr. Prigozhin’s authority. It is likely that it was the final step to eliminate Wagner,” said Prigogine, who was assassinated.

    “It is almost certain that Putin ordered the military to shoot down the aircraft. Defense Minister Shoigu and Chief of the General Staff Gerasimov, who is the commander-in-chief of the military invasion of Ukraine, will execute Mr. Prigozhin without the president’s orders.” The chances of that happening are extremely low,” he said.

    Expert “There is also speculation of tightening before next year’s Russian presidential election”

    Tatiana Stanovaya, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and an expert on Russian politics, said in a social media post: “Whatever the cause of the crash, everyone will see it as retaliation, and the Kremlin won’t dispute that view. Until the end.” “It’s also a direct threat to everyone who has been behind him or openly supported him.”

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    “It should serve as a lesson for any potential successor to President Putin,” he said, adding that the power struggle within the administration is expected to intensify, with Russia’s presidential election coming up in March next year. I think that there is also speculation to plan.

    Stanovaya added: “Prigozin was undoubtedly a ‘walking problem’ for the regime. After the armed rebellion, I saw no reason for Putin to need Prigozhin. He was needed. It was only for a short time after the armed rebellion, in order to smoothly dismantle Wagner and move it to Belarus under new leadership.”

    Prigogine dead in Russia

    Putin didn’t mention crash or Prigogine dead in Russia

    Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Kursk region, which borders Ukraine, on the 23rd, marking the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Kursk, a fierce battle between Soviet and German tank units during World War II. I attended an open ceremony.

    At the ceremony, President Putin said to the soldiers who participated in the military invasion of Ukraine as a tank unit that has been in operation for a year and a half, “I am grateful and proud of your mission. All those who participate in the special military operation We are united by our devotion to our country and our loyalty to our military oath.”

    The speech, which is believed to have taken place after a private jet crashed in northwestern Russia, did not mention the accident or Prigozhin.

    An object believed to be an airframe Falling from the sky while rotating

    Reuters has released a video purporting to show a plane crashing in the Tver region of Russia’s northwest.

    In the video, you can see an object that appears to be the aircraft rotating and falling from the sky, and there is also a voice saying, “There were two explosions.”

    Also, in the video that is said to have been taken from the crash site, it can be confirmed that what seems to be the wreckage of the aircraft is burning violently and black smoke is rising.

    In addition, in the video taken from another angle, the sound of something exploding can be heard while what seems to be wreckage is burning.

    Reuters said that it was not possible to confirm whether Mr. Prigogine was actually on board, but that the location of the crash could be confirmed from the video.

    State-run Russian TV reports crash

    State-run Russian TV also reported on the private jet crash and Prigogine dead in Russia

    Among them, the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations reported that the plane that crashed had seven passengers and three crew members on board, and that “Evgeny Prigozhin’s name is on the passenger list.”

    In addition, it conveys images of what appears to be debris from an airplane falling from the sky and what appears to be an aircraft burning violently.

    baiden Prigogine dead in Russia

    US President Biden ‘not surprised’ of Prigogine dead in Russia

    “I don’t know what really happened, but I’m not surprised,” US President Biden told reporters in Nevada, where he was staying, on the 23rd.

    When asked if he thought Putin was involved in the crash, he said, “There aren’t many events in Russia that don’t have President Putin behind them. But I don’t have enough information to answer that question.” said.

    In addition, a spokesperson for the National Security Council (NSC) told NHK, “We are aware of the reports. No one would be surprised if the facts were confirmed. A horrific war in Ukraine was fought by civilian forces in Moscow. It seems that it led to the march towards , and led to this event.”

    In addition, a spokesman for the US Department of Defense commented, ‘We are watching the situation closely.’

    Airframe data It stops immediately after repeating ascent and descent

    The private website “FlightRadar24”, which publishes the flight course based on the position and altitude information sent by the aircraft, shows the movement of the aircraft that is said to have crashed.

    As a result, you can see that the aircraft is moving in the northwest direction in the upper left of the screen over the state of Moscow. After that, the aircraft’s data was cut off at 6:11 pm local time, when the altitude was about 28,000 feet, about 8,500 meters.

    However, “FlightRadar24” later announced that data such as altitude and speed continued to be sent for about 9 minutes after the aircraft’s position information was stopped.

    According to it, the aircraft, which was flying at an altitude of around 8500 meters, repeatedly ascended and descended from 6:19 pm, and immediately after that, it suddenly descended about 2400 meters in about 20 seconds, and reached an altitude of 6000 meters around 6:20 pm. It means that the transmission of data from the aircraft has stopped in the vicinity.

    According to Flightradar24, there is a possibility that the satellite’s positioning system has been interfered with at that point as to why the aircraft’s position information has been lost.

    Who is Mr. Prigogine?

    Evgeny Prigozhin, head of the private military company Wagner, was born in 1961 and is 62 years old.

    He is from what is now St. Petersburg, the same city as Putin.

    In 1996, he opened a restaurant and developed a food business, and is said to have deepened his relationship with President Putin who visited the store.

    He founded a catering company that even provided meals to the Russian presidential palace and the military, earning him the nickname “President Putin’s cook.”

    Around 2014, it is believed that he established the private military company “Wagner”, and in the conflict in eastern Ukraine that year, he fought with the Ukrainian army, and also dispatched troops to Syria in the Middle East and African countries. , has been pointed out to have been active in the interests of Russia.

    When Russia launched a military invasion of Ukraine last year, it is believed to have sent a large number of fighters, especially to Bakhmut, a fierce battlefield in eastern Ukraine, and repeatedly attacked violently with tactics that were willing to sacrifice.

    On the other hand, Mr. Prigogine deepened the confrontation by criticizing Defense Minister Shoigu and others for not supplying enough ammunition to Wagner’s troops on the front lines

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