Facebook removes the number of likes under the publications


Facebook is currently testing the Australian version of its platform.

Facebook may well introduce a small change on its platform.

Small in size, this change could, however, have a great impact on its users.

As researcher Jane Manchun Wong had already identified, Facebook would be flooring the disappearance of the likes counter under the publications.

The social network has started testing for several months already in various countries.

“We are doing a limited test in which the number of video-type, reaction and video views is private on Facebook,” a Facebook spokesman told TechCrunch last April. At the time already, Facebook said that the purpose of these tests was to know if the disappearance of the number of likes made its users more “happy” or at least more comfortable to speak on the platform.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company had already done this kind of test on Instagram which it owns.

Again, the goal was to see if this made the users of the application more happy thanks to the disappearance of the social pressure that the likes represent.

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Likes, a source of significant social pressure

Indeed, likes are today a form of approval of the company sought by many Internet users on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, sometimes unconsciously.

In the absence of likes or numbers deemed insufficient, users can feel bad about themselves or disapproved of their friends. But the disappearance of likes is not necessarily the ideal solution to overcome the problem. According to some scholars of the issue, the disappearance of likes does not remove the social pressure. It is obvious that the real objective of his tests is to find the best way to retain users, with or without like, rather than make them happy or free from social pressure.


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