Apple is considering using its logo as a notification light, patent application suggests


Apple has applied for a patent to use the emblem on the rear of its phones as a notification lightweight.

The application, that was 1st noticed by Apple business executive, outlines, however, the “adjustable decoration” may answer events like “incoming communication” or “a calendar reminder” by ever-changing its look or flashing to draw in your attention.

It’s not a wholly new plan. we have a tendency to saw an identicalalogous|the same feature build a look on the Razer Phone a pair of last year, and also the Motorola One Zoom uses its rear Motorola brand as a notification lightweight instead of a fingerprint device as in previous models. It’s not a large feature, however, it’s useful if you would like to grasp you’re not missing something necessary whereas your phone is facedown on a table.


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Apple born the lighted brand from the macbook IN 2015

The feature is sensible for Apple’s product.

After all, the corporate includes a history of illuminating its brand on its older MacBooks, albeit it born the look feature with the laptop’s 2015 plan. It wouldn’t be a colossal leap for it to bring back its lighted brand with a touch sensible practicality accessorial.

The application makes frequent references to “cellular telephone” calls as a part of its description, which heavily suggests that Apple is considering victimization the feature on a future iPhone. However, the patent conjointly includes pictures showing a series of “illustrative electronic devices” together with a portable computer, a tablet, associated with what seems to be an iMac.

As is often the case with Apple patents, it’s best to scan this with a healthy degree of skepticism.

simply because Apple has thought of a feature doesn’t essentially mean it’ll embrace it in any of its product within the close to future. That doesn’t mean we have a tendency to don’t wish this to happen if solely to visualize the company’s growing brand build a long-overdue come.

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