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learn programming  

learn programming (writing computer algorithms) is very fun and very useful. learn programming will also develop your analytical skills and critical thinking, helping you deal with all types of complex problems (not just those related to IT). It can also put you on the path to a new career or to land a new position in software development.

Choose a programming language.

Languages ​​are based on written instructions that are read by a particular computer. These instructions can be written in different “languages” and in general, these instructions make the same effects except that the syntax and organization of these instructions are specific to each language. All these languages ​​are more or less adapted to this or that type of achievement, so take the one that best corresponds to what you want to do. You can always learn programming to master another later.

learn programming

Learn another language.

When you have mastered the first language, try a second. It is better to choose a language radically different from the first in terms of both structure and syntax. So, if you master Scheme, continue with C or Java. If you started with Java, you can continue with Perl or Python.

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Advice for learn programming

  • When learn programming, it is convenient to have on hand a good reference book of the language studied.
  • Do not get started right away in a complicated language like Java. Start with Python instead, as it is less discouraging for beginners. It’s also a very good approach to programming.
  • If you are learning Java, work with Netbeans 6.0.1: it’s very nice and easy.
  • Start with simple and fun programs, then challenge yourself, fine-tune your programming skills, get sober too!
  • Learning the syntax by heart is essential. You are free to use it as you wish. We advise you to study the syntax of some programs (written in the language you are studying), then to start writing your own program.
  • Java is a multitasking language. From then on, study it closely!
  • Before trying your program, use Eclipse. This is an extremely powerful “debugging” program that will “clean up” your code and report any syntax or structure flaws. It also has a very useful package explorer, if you have many code files linked to each other.

codecademy the best one for learn programming

codecademy is an interactive online platform that offers free learning for six programming languages, such as Python, PHP, JavaScript, or markup languages, such as HTML and CSS2,3 and tutorials for building websites or improving programs. In January 2014, the site passed the mark of 100,000 million successful exercises, with 24 million users.

learn programming

The platform offers a personal profile, a glossary for each tutorial, a discussion area, and a tool to create your own course. The user is rewarded with badges when completing exercises. The site is particularly well received by the press, including the New York Times and TechCrunch.

you can begin now learn programming and become a pro next month don’t hesitate to this opportunity.

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