iOS 13.1.1 currently obtainable with fixes for battery drain and more

iOS 13.1.1

Earlier in the week, Apple alerted customers that third-party keyboards on iOS 13.1.1 may gain “full access” and transfer knowledge over the web even while not user permission, Associate in Nursingd currently the corporate has already discharged an update to repair it. iOS 13.1.1 is rolling out currently, and in conjunction with reparation up the third-party keyboard issue, it includes a fix for patrons UN agency might’ve older faster-than-normal battery drain when a change to iOS thirteen.

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The iOS 13.1.1 unleash additionally resolves “issues that would forestall iPhone from restoring from backup,” improves Siri recognition on the iPhone eleven, 11 Pro, and eleven professional gamma-hydroxybutyrates, and fixes a bug that could’ve LED to slow syncing in Reminders.

iOS 13.1.1

iOS 13.1.1 is Apple’s latest commit to address the defectiveness of its most up-to-date major software system unleash.

however different problems stay. The worst drawback that I et al.

at techryn have older is that Associate in Nursing iPhone on iOS 13.1.1 will generally drop knowledge,

nonetheless still show full bars as if everything is okay. This typically happens when I’ve come back up from the subways here in the big apple. Toggling airplane mode or cellular knowledge isn’t enough to repair it; solely powering the phone off and on once more gets things running unremarkably once more.

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