iPhone 13 leaks: a huge novelty planned by Apple.

iPhone 13 leaks

The iPhone 12 has not been released yet, we are already talking about the iPhone 13 leaks. If the successor of the iPhone 11 is to land in the coming weeks, the iPhone 13 should be announced at the end of summer 2021.

But although this date is still far away – especially with regard to technological standards, a world which progresses at supersonic speeds – one speaks already of exciting iPhone 13 leaks.

As hoped, one of the strengths of the iPhone 13 leaks will be its camera system.

According to @choco_bit on Twitter, an expert on leaks of technology products, the iPhone will have a system of four rear cameras.

@choco_bit, who recently anticipated a number of secret iPhone 13 leaks, even posted a diagram of the iPhone 13’s camera design.

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iPhone 13 leaks

What will the four cameras of the iPhone 13 be used for?

In terms of appearance, this image is similar to what you think of the iPhone 12 Pro, with a hob containing four camera sensors, one of which could be a LiDAR sensor, the same one mounted on the iPad Pro in 2020.

The main difference is the fifth circle which is under the plate.

According to the second part of the leak, these sensors are a 64MP main camera with 1x optical zoom and 6x digital zoom, a 40MP telephoto lens with up to 15-20x digital zoom, and a 64MP anamorphic camera.

Designed to shoot videos at a 2.1: 1 aspect ratio.

There is also a fourth camera with a 40MP ultra-wide lens.

The cameras come with the LiDAR 4.0 system, which could be an upgraded version of the LiDAR system used in the iPad Pro and reportedly available on the iPhone 12.

iPhone 13 leaks

first leaks

If the leak is true, then these cameras will be a big improvement over what you would expect on the iPhone 12.

Apple has retained multiple 12MP sensors for its main cameras for many iPhone generations, and l The iPhone 11 Pro is currently only capable of 2x zoom.

Rivals like the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra have 108MP main cameras and telephoto lenses with up to 10x optical zoom.

These kinds of figures have nothing to do with the quality of the images: as Apple has demonstrated in recent years with terminals such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which only has “only” 12-megapixel sensors, but which produces photos of extraordinary quality.

The secret? The software analyzes images and makes them more reliable and beautiful.

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