get active Instagram followers new hot free method.

how to get active Instagram followers

How to get active Instagram followers with this new hot free method.

How to get active Instagram followers? So basically in this method, we will be doing the old follow, get a follow back, and then unfollow a while later method, but a better way to do it and get more people to follow you back.

It involves school and college pages and is a method that not many have thought of.

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How To Get Free Instagram Followers 2021 comments reacts Easily.

Step 1

Find a school or college page on Instagram with up to 50,000 followers.

It’s better the fewer amount of followers the page has because then it’s more likely for only the students to be following.

Pages like @/harvard won’t be very good with this method as the page has nearly 2 million followers, meaning that only 1% of their followers attend Harvard.

To find a good page just look up ‘Small colleges and schools in [any country or area]’ and then just look up your chosen college or school on Instagram.

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get active Instagram followers
get active Instagram followers

Step 2

Put the initials of your chosen school/college in your bio (you can post a few fake photos but this is not needed).

After this follows some of the school’s followers which look like students and/or have the initials of the school/college, you can also like the chosen follower’s old photos to show interest and get active Instagram followers.

Step 3

Most of the people you follow will follow you back thinking you are from the same school/college and then you can unfollow them after a day or two to keep your ratio up.

Step 4

Repeat this process with more schools/colleges and get active Instagram followers.

Enjoy the active followers 

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