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French is one of the fifth most spoken romantic languages ​​in the world, spoken by some 80 million people worldwide as a primary official language, about 190 million as a second official language, and about 274 million in the whole world.

It is spoken in about 54 countries around the world and is the only language on the five continents besides English

Most people who speak French as a native language lives in France, where the language originated.

The rest is distributed among Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, French-speaking Africa, Luxembourg, and Monaco.

Like many other international languages ​​such as Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Catalan and Romanian, French comes from Latin.

Similar in this proportions also some local languages ​​such as the language of Alqstanih or Occitan, a language spoken by the people of Occitania in southern France, and the language of Naples, the language of the population of Naples, Italy, and others.

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French is an official language in 29 countries, most of which form the so-called Francophone, the community of French-speaking countries.

It is also an official language in all United Nations agencies and in a large number of international organizations.

According to the EU, 129 million citizens from the 27 EU member states speak French (26% of the 497,198,740 total EU citizens).

Of these, 65 million (12%) speak French as their primary language, and 14% declare that they speak a second language, making it the third-largest spoken language in the EU, after English and German. In addition, before the growing role of English in the early twentieth century, French was the most widely spoken language in the diplomatic sphere among European and colonial powers as a whole, and also the most widely spoken language among the educational elites in Europe.

People who know more than one language have some dementia five years later, compared to those who speak one language.

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