password, how to create a strong and secure one?


password Too short is not safe, too long is hard to remember! Creating a sesame strong enough and long to discourage hackers and at the same time memorable is not obvious. Unless you use some very simple tips …

Today, a long password is not a sufficient bulwark for hacking. But how to memorize so many characters? Rather than just a password, the advice of Edward Snowden, the NSA’s defector, is to use a “passphrase”. If you have no idea, open your favorite book and pick up one of the passages. If you are afraid to forget it, mark the page in question. It can also be a sentence that means nothing, but that you will remember. Be careful, to avoid quotations that are too well known or easy to find.

Strengthen the password with a memorable method

To enhance the security of a passphrase, you can, for example, capitalize all three letters and replace certain characters systematically with others. By taking, for example, the passphrase “The word progress will have no meaning as long as there are unhappy children. (Albert Einstein), you can turn it into L3moTprogr3snaUraaUcunS3nsTantQuilYauRadeS3nfaNtsmAlheUreuX. In this example, the E’s are replaced by number 3. You can also use the & to replace the accented E’s to avoid multiplying the character 3.


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Use multiple passphrases according to Internet accounts

One of the main things that users do is to use the same password for all accounts. The problem is that from the moment a hacker gets his hands on it, he has access to all the accounts of the user. The ideal is then to find a passphrase that makes you think about the nature of the account. You do not have to have one per account, but two or three depending on the importance of online data.

Use a password generator

To choose a password, never use elements that may be related to your privacy. If decidedly you have no idea, to help you, CNIL has set up an effective password generator from a sentence. To avoid having to remember it, you can exploit a powerful password manager. This kind of tool is added to the web browser or as a mobile application.

Among the best, we find LastPass and Dashlane. They allow you to create strong passwords that you will not need to remember. They also alert you when a password has been used for too long or multiple times.

To protect this safe, it will still have to secure it with a strong password and do not forget it. Last little constraint, to use them both on a computer and a mobile, it is necessary to subscribe to a paid subscription after 30 days of a free trial. However, password managers sometimes offer valid coupon codes on their Premium solutions.

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