how to activate dark mode on WhatsApp before everyone

whatsapp dark mode

WhatsApp is starting to test its dark mode on Android and iOS. It is possible to test this gentle theme for the eyes and for the drums, provided that you join the beta program. We explain everything in this quick tutorial.

Want to test the dark mode on your Android smartphone or on iOS?

This theme is designed to rest the eyes, without exploding the contrast as with the inverted modes, and without aberrations – the images, for example, do not turn into negative.

But that’s not all: smartphones with an AMOLED screen can take advantage of this mode to save energy, and therefore extend their autonomy.

The reason is simple: the pixels of screens derived from OL.ED technologies emit their own light.

A dark pixel is therefore a pixel that consumes little energy, and conversely a bright pixel is more energy-consuming.

We know that WhatsApp has been working on its dark mode for a long time.

It is now possible to test it, provided you join the beta program.

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dark mode

How to activate WhatsApp the mode on Android?

For it :

How to activate WhatsApp Dark mode on iOS?

It’s just as simple:

  • Make sure you are on iOS 13 or later
  • Click here to join the beta program (subject to availability)
  • Install TestFlight on your device
  • Click on the link in the WhatsApp invitation email
  • Update and launch WhatsApp
  • Go to Settings> Discussions to activate the dark mode

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