iPad Pro 5G: the 5G touchpad coming this year

If the iPhone 12 will undoubtedly be the first iOS device to take advantage of 5G, the first compatible iPad Pro 5G will also be launched this year.

iPad Pro 5G. The Cupertino company will begin switching its mobile devices to 5G this year.

The iPhone 12 will logically be the first to switch to new networks in September, but it would soon be followed by the iPad Pro tablet.

It is at least the forecast of the Digitimes site which anticipates the arrival of these iPad Pro 5G versions this year after the new iPhones.

The new iPad Pro would therefore not be scheduled for spring, as one might think, Apple has already made announcements in the past during this period.

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iPad Pro 5G

The iPad Pro 5G tablets could appear at a second press conference in October 2020, which is also a usual launch window for the brand’s new products.

They would thus take up certain other elements of the iPhone 12 like the Apple A14 SoC engraved in 5 nm, or even Apple A14X if a specific more powerful variation is devoted to them.

There is also the possibility of the presence of a 3D ToF sensor to optimize the augmented reality experience.

a strategic area for Apple while waiting for a dedicated system like glasses or headphones.

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