5G may be announced on pixel 4 next week by google


Google seems to be functioning on a 5G version of the pixel 4, and it’s attainable the phone is shown as early as next week, consistent with Nikkei.

the quality versions of the pixel 4, which is able to be proclaimed at an occasion next Tuesday, can solely support LTE.

however, Nikkei says that Google has begun “test production” on a model of the phone that has 5G, too.

It’s not clear once the 5G model is previewed or free, though.

Nikkei says it might be shown next week,

however, its sources aforementioned the announcement might even control till spring to look aboard a replacement budget phone, a successor to the pel 3A.

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IT might even be proclaimed MONTHS FROM currently

If the phone is disclosed on Tuesday, it’s doubtless that it might simply be a teaser for a launch soon.

It sounds as if development isn’t finished, and devices aren’t able to get in production nonetheless.

Such Associate in Nursing early teases appears somewhat unlikely: pixel3 sales were slow at the launch last year, and Google would risk deceleration sales of this year’s model by previewing a higher-end version that nobody should purchase nonetheless.

Either way, the goal appears to be obtaining a 5G phone on the market among ensuing years, earlier than a 5G iPhone that’s expected next Gregorian calendar month.


Google 5G precedes Apple

5G networks area unit still in their infancy, and for customers, there’s still not a great deal of reason to induce one amongst these phones.

however, being early to 5G might still facilitate Google to get some attention for its connexion.

Nikkei reports that Google may additionally unveil a replacement smartwatch and a portable computer at Tuesday’s event.

a replacement version of the Pixelbook has already been reported.

however a smartwatch isn’t one thing we’ve detected regarding.

Google hasn’t had abundant luck with smartwatches within the past (and mechanical man smartwatches aren’t during a significantly excellent spot right now), given what percentage area unit on the market, it doesn’t appear to be it’d be all that tough for Google to place one along if it very wished to

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