increase your Snapchat score for free how to do it very fast.

increase your Snapchat score for free

how to increase your snapchat score for free, Method pretty simple.

to increase your Snapchat score for free First, you want to have your Snapchat Account and you want to add 100-500 random people (the more the better).

You can find people to add by searching on snap “aaa” “BBB” in alphabetical order and adding randoms.

if you have another way of adding people be my guess.

(if you already have friends good but you can still add 200 people).

Now that you have them added is pretty simple you want to send a snap to all of them.

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increase your Snapchat score for free

so select them manually you can just take a black picture snap a write “Streaks”
(so after you sent them a snap next time you don’t have to manually select them you can send to “Last Snap” that way you don’t have to select manually you can repeat that over and over”)

The method is to add 500 people or more if you want a lot of points and send them a snap of anything you can just send a black wallpaper with ” Streaks?” written on it.

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NOTE: increase your Snapchat score for free method is simple and anyone could do it you just need to send a lot of snaps to random people try not to spam them wait and see if they respond with another snap if not send another one and another one you can also add more people and send to them as well.

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